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We turn ideas and concepts into results.

Quality & Reliability

We build the best because we use the best

  • World class developer tools
  • Constant automated testing for the web and mobile
  • Azure data centers
  • System redundancy acorss multiple data centers
  • 7 Backups a day of your data
  • Multiple audit trails on your data
  • Multiple audit trails on your data
  • Security audits
  • A team with bank grade security experience

One Platform... One Mission

We built a platform that will allow you to use a single system to complete all of your daily tasks

  • Back-office for your staff
  • Web based and mobile client portals to serve your clients
  • Check email in the platform
  • Office365 and Google Workspaces calendar sync
  • Editors for documents and spreadsheets
  • View videos, pdf files, images, and more
  • Listen to audio files
  • Schedule and meet with clients without any other services
  • Create workkflows and automate communications to gather information more efficiently
  • Provider database that is updated regularly with over 5 million providers
  • Create and assign tasks for any record in the system

World Class Technology

We built world class technology to make your firm world class

  • Properietary e-sign templates and e-sign engine
  • Form designer that creates web based forms for your clients
  • Template editors for spreadsheets, documents, email, and text messages
  • Workflow editor to allow you to automate actions based on edits in the platform
  • Kanban task board to help you stay on top of your work load
  • Intuitive document management interface that lets you preserve your existing file structure
  • Record level permissions engine
  • Audit engine that tracks all employee and client activity

Results Are All That Matter

Technology for the sake of technology is not useful. If it doesn't fix a problem it might as well be art.

  • Sign up a client on the first call in minutes via text or email
  • Get documents adn evidence from the client in a timely manner through the mobile app
  • Save time with records requests by having the corporate address of large provider organizations
  • See all your notes, correspondence, and communications in one place
  • Your information is in the cloud so your don't have to worry about becoming an IT expert in addition to your law degree
  • The ability for you to design your own workflows means you don't have to change the way you work because you migrated to a new system
  • Be more efficent.
  • Handle more cases.
  • Make more money.
  • Get better results for your clients.

“ Any product that needs a manual to work is broken. ”

-- Elon Musk
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Empowering small businesses and people with ideas 🎉👋

Better Communication, Better Cases

As robust as Zax Law is, we are always trying to find any way to make the day-to-day operations more effective. The firm's branded mobile application streamlines communications and allows employees to focus on their case work.'

What you'll get:
  • A Team that develops their own product
  • Hundreds of hours saved communicating with clients
  • More money with better sign-up efficiency

We Onboard Your Law Firm In Under A Week

We migrate your Law Firm's data securely in days. Your firm is able to sign-up New Clients the same day that you Sign-Up with us.

Your Entire Law Firm's Back Office is secure and available while we launch your Mobile Application. From Day one, your firm has the tools to never miss a Client Sign-up again.

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