Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Is my data secure?

Our entire platform was built by developers with experience following security practices at real banks adn quasi-government entities. All of your data is in the capable hands of the Azure platform by Microsoft. Their data centers meet every security requirement there is and we have our own robust internal processes to make sure your data stays secure. These include following best practices for key rotation, access control, and auditing of administrative actions.

Do I have to commit to a long contract

There are no long term commitments and there are no hidden trap doors to keep you locked in. After all, we are a tech company that creates software for attorneys. That's like bringing a snowball to a gun fight. We think its better to just keep our customers happy. It saves on paperwork.

Can I customize the app?

We will brand the app with your branding and you are free to have any developer make changes if you want them or we can help you with that. In fact you will have the source code to yoru app and all updates available for download to any admin user in the back-office. We provide an easy way to get started but we knwo that soem people may want to go the extra mile and we have made that possible.

How much does the platform cost

It depends on the size of your firm. We are competitive with other products in the legal tech arena. We're not the cheapest product out there but we deliver value well beyond the cost.

Do I have to have all my documents already in the cloud?

No. If your files aren't in a digital format you have a few options

  • Onboard new clients into the system as they come in and continue to work your paper files for older cases.
  • Use any scanning software to digitize your files and import them into Zax Law
  • Use our scan and split interface to scan an entire file at once and then split the documents to their individual files
  • Just explain your current situation to our support team and we will tell you the best way to proceeed. If our tools will be cumbersome based on your situation then we'll build some new ones.
Can I get my data out if I want to leave?

Of course. It's your data. If you decide we aren't a good fit for each other then our support team can help you get the ball rolling to get your data exported.

You will get all of your data. If you took the time to put it in the system we don't think its fair for you to lose anything. There are some things liek audit trails that can't be exported because of the infrastructure but anything your put in realting to clients, matters, and incidents will beexported for you at no charge.

Can you migrate my data from another sytem

We can migrate data from numerous other systems. Their usually not as cooperative as we are in getting you back all of your data but we have our ways. If you have an existing system please let our team knwo during your demo call so they can answer any questions you might have.

Still no Luck?

We’re here to help! Please email sales@zaxlaw.com