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"Zax Law helps me sign-up every potential client."
Brian C. Gutierrez
Trial Lawyer at Gutierrez Law

Background Story

Just to give you some background on us. Realformity Solutions Inc. started 7 years ago as a custom software shop that helped companies with really difficult technical problems. We solved problems for Banks, Electrical Contractors, Real Estate Brokerages, Grocery Stores, and film producer in Australia who now provides hosting and filming of immersive virtual tour experiences for educational institutions, the Tasmanian government, and tourism throughout Australia.

In 2019 we decided we were going to create a product that helped attorneys. Right before the pandemic we started the process of figuring out how we could help attorneys with the processes required to run their law practice and interact with their clients. We learned how a personal injury firm works and brought the latest process automation and mobile technology to bear on the problems a typical personal injury attorney faces.


Before, when you wanted to sign up clients, you would have to sign them up in person or through email. But now, you can use text messaging client form and medical authorization to sign up client on the first call without having to worry about someone getting to the case before you do.

Before, when you wanted to receive crash evidence, you would have to have photos and videos emailed or messaged to your staffs phone numbers. But now, you can use your branded Mobile App to collect photos and videos without having to worry about any evidence being lost.

Before, when you wanted to meet with a client who could not come in first or wanted to meet soon, you would have to give them a phone call. But now, you can use Video Conferencing to meet with a Client, recording the conversation without having to worry about the client being able to come in. (What other benefits are their to video conferencing? Meet a remote person who couldn't come in. Record a call that you want to have proof you gave information to that person for later. Record a call with a client to make sure you can refer to it later for evidence about their view on the car crash.)

Before, when you wanted to receive a Client’s Doctor Bills and appointment notes, you would have to call the Client to see what the doctor said and when the next appointment is. But now, you can use this simple Pain Journal to notify the client and receive their important information without having to worry about the Client forgetting to call and forgetting what was said by the doctor the previous day.

Before, when you wanted to communicate with the Client, you would have to Email them, message on personal phone, or be on the phone with them. But now, you can use the Mobile App to message with clients and meet with them based on appointments they set up through the Platform without having to worry about missed calls, messages or lost documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I think Onboarding my office will be too hard?
Our videos, documentation and tutorials make Onboarding safe and easy. An all paper office would be onboarded in 3 days, with the staff fully trained within two weeks. Onboarding is over 300% faster with Zax Law.

Are there any long term contracts?
There are no long term commitments and you can take your data with you if you decide the product is not a good fit for your firm

How do I know you guys are legit?
We created a piece of software that is composed of over 300K lines of code and the system is currently in use by attorneys. Our team has over 40 years of development experience. Besides, you’re a lawyer if we can’t deliver it will only cost you the filing fees to sue our pants off.

What if I need help on the weekends, will you have support available?
Email support is available 24/7 365 days a year. When we receive your email the email will be triaged and prioritized based on the type of issue you are having. For system errors or in the rare instances of an outage we will be the first to know via our system monitoring solutions that maintain the health of the app. If we are experiencing an outage or system issue you will be notified via our status system. In addition you will also be informed via alerts within the interface if there is a known issue we are working to address.

How long does it take to train my office to use the system?
We have a self service training program that allows you to work as fast or as slow as your schedule allows. It generally takes a day or two for your staff to go thru the several hours of video that will provide them with a general overview of the system. You could technically begin accepting new clients via the onboarding system with less than an hour of setup. We can onboard over 250GB of data a day into the system once you provide us with the client information using our self service onboarding tool and we will keep your files synced until you are ready to cut over. - All Rights Reserved
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